Basic Features
T-Quoter Overview
Creating New Quotes/Invoices with Work Orders
Using the Dashboard
Generating Reports
Creating a Price Matrix
Creating Purchase Orders
Maintenance Options
Modifying Drop Down Lists
Using Lookups Table
Changing Store Information
Using Sales Tax Regions
Using Schedule Groups
Working With Customers
Adding New Customers
Disable/Re-Enable Customers
Exporting Customer Lists
Vendors and Price Lists
Importing Vendor Price Lists

Networking T-Quoter
Networking: Add Workstations
Receiving Payments
Receiving Payments (Part 1)
Receiving Payments (Part 2)
Applying Payments
Paying Multiple Invoices
Credit Card Processing
Set Up Merchant Information
Process Credit Card Payments
QuickBooks Integration
Integrating with QuickBooks
Export Customers To T-Quoter
Exporting To QuickBooks