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Simply choose the amount of licenses you need (1 license per computer) and one of 3 available payment options.  You have the choice of paying for T-Quoter and a full year of support right now, or you can spread the payments out and start using T-Quoter in your business today for as little as $132.50.*
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Purchase ReSource T-Quoter Buy T-Quoter Software and One Year's Support Now.
Our most popular option! Choose Payment Plan 1 and you're covered on everything for the next 12 months.
Purchase ReSource T-Quoter Buy T-Quoter Now and Pay Monthly for Support.
Get up and running today for a lower initial cost and pay a small fee every month for ongoing, Toll-Free support.
Purchase ReSource T-Quoter Buy T-Quoter and Support by making Monthly Payments. Get your business up and running today at the lowest price possible!  Pay for Support month-to-month and we'll spread the cost of the T-Quoter out over your first 12 months.
*Assumes single license purchase agreement.
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